sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013


Hi guys!!!
 I'm Marta and I'm the "Roses and Tulipes" owner. Roses and Tulipes is a blog about fashion, MY fashion! With "MY fashion", I refer to all my fashion designs that I draw and that I would like to publicate .
In this blog, I want also to give my advice about fashion and tell you the fashion history. There will be also a fashion dictionary and a section where I'´ll write all the important people in the fashion world: models, designers, actresses, " it people ", princesses, fictional characters and even politicians!!! :)))

I hope that you like very much
The Vogue's First Edition

With love 

Marta :)

P.S:  I've decided to write in english, the international language which I think all of you will understand !!
 I could write in italian, spanish or french, so sometimes maybe I'll write some articles in these languages.

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