domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

Firsts looks

Hi guys !!! 

After a week of  my blog's creation, I can publicate another post , finalmente!!! ( like italians use to say )
This one, is a very special post because is the first one of " Fashion Designs " so I'm very happy!!! :) :) 

Pieces in the looks

Look 1 :

Double red headbands.

 Assymetric and orange short dress, with green flowers details in the shoulders and rose straps in the skirt.

Yellow Mary Janes.

Inspiration: For this design I was inspired by the spring and her bright colours: orange, green, red, yellow.. and the happiness it gives.

Look 2 :

White and black chiffon tealength dress with white leather collar.

Double belt of pearls.

Multinecklace with little pearls.

Two color shoes with golden strap.

Rose camelia.

Inspiration: In this one, I was inspired by a young Gabrielle Chanel, who's just arrived to Paris ( she has some suitcases ) , a city still governed by corsets . She wears the characteristics icons of  " La Maison " : the camelia, the pearls, the two color shoes, the black and white but, with a modern touch: white leather collar, a belt made of pearls and a golden strap in shoes.

 Look 3:

Violet silk dress with flounces and transparencies with glitter.

Inspiration: I think the simple elegance that a long party dress can give to a woman.

I hope that you've liked,  I wish you a nice week and a funny Easter, I'll publicate more posts in Easter...promised !!!! :) :) :)

With Love <3

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